UK Branch

》 SAIB attended Lloyd’s Registered Broker Roundtable 2019 (2019-07-30)

》 SAIBUK co-organised the Private Medical Insurance Seminar with CCCUK (2019-07-23)

》 SAIB attended “Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China & the 2nd China-UK Economic and Trade Forum & CCCUK 2019 Annual Conference”(2019-07-09)

》 SAIB Attended the City Club Reception (2019-07-01)

》 SAIB attended UK-China Business Dinner in honour of His Excellency Mr. Hu Chunhua, Vice-Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, on the occasion of The 10th UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue (2019-06-24)

》 SAIBUK attended “Chinese Investment in the UK” Symposium (2019-04-10)

》 SAIBUK visited Institute for Urban Risk Management of Tongji University and Lloyd’s China (2019-03-25)

》 SAIBUK Attended New Year Dinner Hosted by CCCUK and the 48 Group Club(2019-02-03)

》 SAIBUK Visits Lloyd’s China (2019-01-22)

》 SAIBUK was invited to the concert of The 69th Anniversary of The Founding of The People’s Republic of China hosted by Chinese embassy in the UK(2018-10-18)

》 SAIBUK Attended Dinner Party of 10th “The Young Icebreakers”(2018-6-20)

》 SAIBUK Participate in the Second Anniversary Celebration of Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals in the UK (ACIPUK)(2018-6-20)

》 SAIBUK Lead the Delegation of Young Chinese Financial System Officials to Visit Lloyd’s London(2018-6-6)

》 SAIBUK Attended the “Two Sessions” Spiritual Propaganda Activities(2018-4-11)

》 SAIBUK Attend the Chinese Investor Reception jointly organised by the Mayor’s Office and the London Development and Promotion Dept(2018-3-27)

》 SAIBUK attended first “China-UK Economic and Trade Forum” held by China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK)(2018-1-25)

》 SAIB attended the 2018 Plenary Meeting of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK)(2018-1-25)

》 SAIB(UK) was invited to the UK Chinese Bankers Association 2017 Christmas dinner(2017-12-15)

》 SAIB (UK) was invited to attend the Ambassador Liu Xiaoming’s 19th CPC National Congress primary coverage briefing(2017-11-15)

》 SAIB (UK) was invited to attend the 68th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC Held by the Embassy of the PRC in the UK(2017-11-2)

》 SAIB (UK) was invited to attend the welcome ceremony of the 26th Chinese Navy Escort Taskforce to the UK(2017-10-27)

》 SAIB (UK) Attended the Second Session of the Second Council of CCCUK(2017-9-14)

》 SAIB (UK) Attended the Second Annual Meeting of ACIP in Britain(2017-6-26)

》 SAIB (UK) Was Elected the Standing Member of the Second Council of CCCUK(2017-6-26)

 SAIB (UK) Paid a Visit to the Aspen Insurance UK Limited(2017-6-26)

》 SAIB (UK) Was Approved to be Lloyd’s Registered Broker(2017-3-16)

》 Xinhuanet Released a Report on SAIB (UK)’s being the Lloyd’s Registered Broker(2017-3-15)

》 SAIB (UK) Participated in the General Assembly of China Chamber of Commerce in the UK 2016/2017(2017-1-25)

》 SAIB (UK) Attended 2017 Chinese Enterprise Small New Year Tea Party(2017-1-16)

》 SAIB (UK) Visited China Re P&C Shanghai Branch(2017-1-5)

》 Willis Towers Waston paid a visit to SAIB(2016-12-21)

》 Chairman Bao Rongqing Invited to Reception Party of the Fourth Conference of China-UK High-Level Humanities Exchange(2016-12-12)