Be Appointed as Risk Management and Insurance Consultant for Miyuan Group

In March 2011, depending on its professional advantages, SAIB was appointed as the risk management and insurance consultant by Shanghai Miyuan Group Ltd. through winning the public bidding. Shanghai Miyuan Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries develop industries of project machinery leasing, machinery construction and automat drink retail. SAIB made a reasonable insurance solution for Miyuan according to its real conditions and also organized a public bidding to select the insurance companies. SAIB tried its best to satisfy the client’s requirements and took advantage of its professional knowledge and technology to protect the client’s interests.

Shanghai Miyuan Group Ltd. is the parent company of Shanghai Miyuan Group whose aim is to spread and develop project machinery leasing, machinery construction and automat drink retail in China. The four subsidiaries Shanghai Tengfa Construction Project Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinheyuan Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinheyuan Construction Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Miyuan Drink Co., Ltd. have already become the leading companies in their own industries.