Fisherfolk insurance program has started in Taiwan

At the middle of last October in Beijing, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. won the tender for the Comprehensive Insurance Program for fisherfolk for halieutics in Taiwan. Headed by Mr. Gu Yi Min, Deputy General Manager of the Company, he, in charge of the life line, designed the insurance program for Combination of Property & Life Insurance Proposal, that was approved by the parties concerned from the Government and the China International Projection Chamber of Commerce.

As an important part of the manpower output, it deals with multi-sensitive complication in association with politics and particularity, as well as the cooperative exchange for the trade between the two people in two sides, which received importance from the parties concerned for the Government. The tender won by SAIB shows its status in the insurance industry and recognition by the bidding committee. The program provides the full coverage to the fisherfolk. Under the effort by the organizations in Taiwan and Mainland, the Agreement on Fisherfolk Output was singed in 30th April 2006. The first group was dispatched in 22nd May 2006 in Pintan, Fujian Province that shows the start of the project. It is the first state project undertaken by SAIB and would be helpful for the further development of the SAIB in insurance broking industry in China.