Provide Auto Insurance Service for Chrysler

In order to promote the sale of Chrysler JEEP Compass in China, Chrysler Group (China) Sales Limited launched a promotion nationwide called “buy a car and get insurance free” from March 2011 to September 2011. SAIB was appointed by Chrysler to take on the work of insurance application and claim settlement for cars sold during the activity.

During the period, for the purpose of providing good unified national services, SAIB organized a professional team, set up multiple platforms of communication and arranged for the best staff to perform the project. The outcome was satisfactory that we placed insurance for 1593 cars from 63 dealers, covering 27 provinces and 42 cities, and the premium amounted to ten million.

The Chrysler insurance project was the first unified national insurance project in car sales industry. SAIB’s new auto insurance mode of “centralized management of policy issue and local service with unified standard” and efficient insurance services was highly recognized by the client.