Provide Insurance Service for Mercedes-Benz

In April 2011, SAIB made placement of Property Insurance and Public Liability Insurance for Mercedes-Benz during the operation period of Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in April. The property insurance covered the 36 automobiles at exhibition and the insurance amount reached RMB55.05 million yuan.

It has been the fourth time for SAIB to make insurance placement for Mercedes-Benz during the A Class automobile exhibition in China since 2008 which takes place in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing by turns. In addition, SAIB took part in the market promotion activities of Mercedes-Benz, and the two parties enjoy a good cooperation in the field of insurance.

In May 2011, SAIB was appointed by Mercedes-Benz to make arrangement for Prize Contract Insurance. recently. The issued policy is the first one among the same kind insurance in China.