Provides Insurance Service for Transportation Companies in Shanghai

In order to improve the safety management system, enhance the ability to prevent operational risk and reduce traffic accident rate as well as to cut road transportation companies’ insurance spending and reduce operating costs, as the insurance consultant for Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, SAIB was appointed by regulatory department and industry association to provide insurance service for road transportation companies. SAIB set up a special team to help small and medium enterprises in safety management. According to the different require of transportation companies, SAIB designs tailor-made insurance package to meet market demands. SAIB also provides a number of value-added services to meet the needs of different companies. This set of auto insurance service has been thought highly by the clients.

SAIB has rich experience in auto insurance area. Not only is SAIB the insurance consultant for road passenger carrier’s liability insurance and personal accident insurance of taxi passengers, but also SAIB provides auto insurance for Mercedes – Benz and Chrysler. The excellent services have received praise from the clients as well as the industry.