Shanghai Traffic Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform

In order to further innovate the regulatory methods, increase the supervisory efficiency, and fully exert the function of Global Positioning System (GPS), SAIB built and started to operate the “Shanghai Traffic Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” on January 1st, 2014 under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Traffic Bureau to implement a 24-hour safety monitoring service for the whole year on all Shanghai major commercial vehicles including inter-province buses, taxies, and dangerous cargo trucks, and which to promote the innovation on safety management mode of the industry, converting from passive accident service to active safety precaution, transforming from traditional extensive management to regulatory precision positioning, and changing from governmental one-way instruction to industrial interactive communication.

Obvious effect on monitoring has been achieved after the launch of the Third Party Platform which realized a “double decrease” in the amount of both industry rules violation operating alarms as well as accidents. In 2015, for example, the amount of all alarms in each month of the year from the platform decreased from a year earlier, and among which, the amount of over-speed alarms was down by 66.03 percent and the amount of non-driving in particular period of time alarms was down by 47.57 percent, and accordingly, the amount of traffic accidents also decreased significantly. At the same time, the amount of Shanghai Inter-province Passengers Carrier Liability Insurance accidents reports in 2015 declined by 42 percent, and the claim amount decreased more than 50 percent. 2 people died during the inter-province passenger traffic accident which was down by 81.82 percent from a year earlier. There was no tremendous accident in the industry of “Shanghai Inter-province Bus, Taxi, and Dangerous Cargo Truck” in 2015, the overall safety status was under control, and all results on safety assessments were better than those of 2014.

The operation of the Third Party Platform has been paid highly attention by the industry management departments. In October 2015, China Ministry of Transport investigated the “typical cases of transportation comprehensive services for new normal and model” in Xuzhou City of Jiangsu Province, and SAIB was invited on behalf of Shanghai enterprises to deliver a speech on the introduction of the Third Party Platform during the workshop. The speech was highly affirmed and praised by the officials from the Ministry who also considered that the platform had a reproducible and popularized future. A document was posted by the General Office of the Ministry of Transport in May 2016 to require other places to learn from Shanghai, introducing the third party social professionals to participate in the dynamic monitoring to improve the safety production standard of the industry.