Sinopec Mobile Offshore Units Comprehensive Insurance

After SAIB has placed related insurances for Kantan 3 and Kantan 4, SAIB has obtained the good reputation from the client and market in the field of offshore energy.

With its professional experience and expertise in energy insurance, SAIB has provided Kantan 3 with a tailor-made insurance arrangement during the towage, especially with its reputational and channel strength in international insurance market, which highly protect client’s interests.

In November 2010, authorized by Sinopec, SAIB has placed short-term H&M insurance for Kantan 6; In October, 2010, SAIB has successfully carried out All Risks insurance for Kantan 7. In the long term, SAIB devised the insurance solution and organized to invite public bid through which played an active role as the insurance broker, thus protect the client’s interests.

SAIB has maintained a good relationship with Sinopec for many years. Since April 2011, as the direct broker and reinsurance broker, SAIB has assisted the client to insure H&M and P&I Insurance for Kanta 2, Kantan 3, Kantan 6 and Kantan 7. SAIB’s high qualified work has been well confirmed by the client.