SAIB Was Engaged as Insurance Consultant by Shanghai Traffic Transport and Port Administration Bureau

In order to assure the security administration for traffic transport and ports in Shanghai, promote the administration efficiency and prevent the potential risks from happening, SAIB was engaged as the professional insurance consultant by Shanghai Traffic Transport and Port Administration Bureau in July 2010 for a five-year risk management service.

Since 2010, SAIB has been taking the responsibility of the two items involving taxi passenger accident liability insurance and carrier liability insurance for Shanghai Municipal Traffic Transport Administration Apartment attached to the Bureau. With rich experience in vehicle insurance field, SAIB carried out a professional insurance solution especially for its client, kept up providing fully-supported customer services and got involved in the actual claims in order to meet the client’s needs. SAIB was highly praised by its client due to protecting the client’s interests. All of the above will become the basis of the following risk management service. The engagement is the fruit of the former good service that was approved by the client.