Chairman Bao Rongqing Paid a Visit to Risk Technology Ltd(2017-7-11)

       On June 29, 2017, Mr. Bao Rongqing, the Chairman of Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd., paid a visit to Risk Technology Ltd. in the UK, and Mr. Mark Packman, the CEO of the Company and his party offered a warm reception.

Risk Technology Ltd. is a telematics company with huge amounts of professional skills. Throughout its dynamic big data generating from the driving habits as well as vehicles status, the Company provides its customers with added values in safety management, and also help the users to reduce their vehicle insurance premiums. During the visit, both sides gave a brief introduction on their companies and the updated achievements in the application of the traffic big data respectively, and also discussed the future development of the telematics technology.

At present, the “Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform of the Traffic Transportation Industry” created and operated by SAIB has played a prominent industrial demonstration effect, and the Platform has been rapidly duplicated and applied in different districts and types of vehicles.        Being the first domestic insurance brokers company who’s going abroad, SAIB will not only focus on the traffic safety area, but also take good advantage of its resources from global market, and learn from the international advanced experience in the application of traffic big data to explore a new thought for the improvement of the third party platform.