SAIB attended the 2018 Plenary Meeting of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK)(2018-1-25)

CCCUK held its 2018 plenary meeting in London City Hall on Jan 18th, 2018. SAIBUK, as the council member of CCCUK, is the cooperation partner of this event. Chairman Kathy Pu participate in the meeting.


Plenary Meeting this time has attracted and invited more than 400 people including representatives of CCCUK members and business & political figures in UK. Ambassador LIU Xiaoming made a New Year’s greeting during the meeting. He said that the past 2017 was not only the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level between China and Britain, but a “Golden Age” of a further development of Sino-Britain relationship. Chinese institutions has continuously grown up in UK and the investment from China has bloomed in every aspects in UK including traditional energy, finance and health care, and emerging areas such as big data, clean energy, Artificial Intelligences (AI) and Smart City.


As the cooperation partner of the meeting this time, and to fulfill the duty of which, SAIBUK has taken an active participation, instructed by the CCCUK administration committee, in the preliminary preparation and intraday execution of this event. In the future, the company would sustainably participate in the events of CCCUK; aim to get a further development through more communications and cooperation.