SAIBUK Attended New Year Diner Hosted by CCCUK and the 48 Group Club(2018-2-27)

On Feb 12th, 2018, Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK), together with the 48 Group Club, hosted the 2018 Chinese New Year Dinner in London. Chairman Kathy Pu of SAIBUK was invited to the event.

During the dinner, Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming has made a speech, claiming that both China and the UK are now standing at an important node of China-UK “Golden Era” relations. Before long the successful national visit of PM Theresa May to China has not only mapped out a new blueprint for bilateral relations, but reached new achievements in practical cooperation and enhanced the new heat of cultural communications. The China-UK relations has, in short, made a good start.

CCCUK is an organization for Chinese institutions led by the Chinese Embassy in the UK whereas the 48 Group Club is a NGO set to break the trade embargo led by western countries. SAIBUK, the first Chinese insurance brokers in the UK, would continue to conduct its duty and contribute to China-UK trade.