SAIB attended 2018 Brokerslink Global Conference(2018-10-24)

On October 11st-12nd, 2018 Brokerslink Global Conference was held in Hong Kong. As one of the main initiators of The Panasian Alliance and the only one member of Brokerslink in Mainland China, SAIB attended that conference.

The 2-day 2018 Brokerslink Global Conference attracted 90 partners and affiliates from over 100 countries to attend. The experts and insurance industry leaders shared their insights on key issues the global insurance industry facing during that conference. On the Risk Management Forum, the risk management experts from around the globe also discussed and exchanged views on the aspect of risk management

The content of that conference including: How New Business Sectors Can Reinvent the Insurance Core Business; Opportunities and Challenges Presented by the Belt and Road Initiative; Can China Save the Global Economy; Enlightenment to Macao After the Typhoon; The Evolution of The Crisis Response Consultant; Blockchain; How To Build a Superyacht: A Long-Term and Risky Process in The Luxury Industry and other new and hot topics of the insurance field.

SAIB always pays highly attention to interactions and communications with international insurance brokers. In the future, SAIB would continue to use the Brokerslink’s superior platform and absorb international experiences to provide the new ideas and technical support to the field of insurance and risk management in the background of reform and development of the domestic insurance industry.